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LAKE GARDA Newsletter - Lake Garda's most Northerly town: Riva
February 08, 2011

This month we're going to tell you a bit about the dramatic town of Riva, located at the very top of Lake Garda.

If you've ever been there before, you may notice that the town of Riva del Garda has a real Austrian feel to it. This is because it used to be part of Austria until 1918. It's now a busy Italian town and is the second largest town on Lake Garda. It attracts many tourists, especially the older generations, because of the dramatic mountains that act as a backdrop for the town, and the lovely views right down Lake Garda.

It's a very pleasant place to just go for a stroll along the waters' edge towards Torbole or wander through the narrow streets of the town, soaking in the dramatic atmosphere of the place. In the harbour area there is a park as well as a large shingle beach. We would often see people fishing in this area in the early morning and it made such a serene scene!

The harbour area is also a great place to sit and have an ice cream or a coffee and simply watch the world go by! There is lots of activity going on during the summer months particularly; one thing we loved to do there was sit and watch all the windsurfing that goes on. The North part of Lake Garda is really popular for windsurfing and parasailing because of the high winds on that part of the lake, and the main base for these activities is the next town along from Riva: Torbole.

You should also allow some time for exploring the rest of the historic centre of Riva, set just back from the lake and protected by the town's fortress. Still enclosed by the old town gateways, the heart of Riva is an atmospheric network of tall buildings and narrow lanes

One of Riva's most striking buildings is the Torre Apponale, a tall clock tower which dates to the thirteenth century. It looks down on Piazza III Novembre, the heart of town. The tower is open to the public, and climbing up the narrow steps is a good way to work off that ice cream you just enjoyed at the harbour! The views are worth the climb and very rewarding: the mountains and lake look pretty much as they did from ground-level, but the town and harbour are interesting seen from above, as are the various roof-tops, squares and hidden terraces of Riva.

I would say that the only slight drawback about Riva was the fact that it doesn't get as much sunlight as the other towns on the lake because of the steep mountains all around it. But on the other hand, on a really hot day it was a relief to be in the shade! We absolutely love the views from Riva, and also loved looking at the crystal clear water washing up on the beach.

All in all, Riva is definitely worth visiting! You can find out a bit more about the town by clicking on our link to see our page about Riva on our website. Take a look here.

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Main Events

Here are the main events going on in the Lake Garda area this month. There are also loads of smaller things happening in each town everyday, from art exhibitions to sporting events. Please contact us if you want to know what's going on in any particular town during this month and we'll do our best to help you.

  • Verona in Love 13th – 14th February 2011

    "If you are in love with someone, bring that person to Verona!" – with these words the city of Romeo and Juliet invites for the third time to „Verona in Love“. Where better to spend the “day of love” than in the “city of lovers”.

    There are, of course, all the usual markets that are definitely worth going to. To find out more about when and where they are, click here.

    This Month's Featured Hotel

    Every month we research and then feature a hotel or apartment at Lake Garda to give you an idea of the accommodation there. We always make sure the hotel has a guest rating of 8 or more (out of 10), so you know it's a decent place to stay!

    Garně Hotello offers an high quality service, the best comfort and pays particular attention to the wellness of its guests. Our patisserie shop manufactures each breakfast in order to supply our guests with freshness and top quality. Our life style expresses itself as well in treatment for the body care as on the culinary rank. Garně Hotello is in Riva del Garda, near the inner city and shore, via Negrelli 3/A.

    To see more photos and info about this hotel, just click on the link under the photo below.

    Garni Hotello in Riva del Garda

    To Conclude...

    If you're planning on going to Lake Garda for a holiday this year and aren't staying in Riva, try to treat yourself to a day there! You can get the ferry from almost any town on the Lake and you'll really enjoy the dramatic mountains and beautiful surroundings at Riva.

    See you next month!

    Marcus and Sylvia

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