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Accomodations - Tell us about where you stayed!

  • Hotels - Which is the best hotel on Lake Garda?
  • Villa - Which is the most stunning villa?
  • Residences/Apartment - Which is your favourite here?
  • Agriturismo - Enjoy country living? Share your story!
  • Camping - Which campsite in the best on Lake Garda?

    Travel - What amazing things have you seen on your travels?

  • Travel - What are the best ways of getting to and around the Lake Garda area?
  • Driving - What is the most spectacular drive around Lake Garda?
  • Excursions - Which excursion is the best?

    Places to Visit - There are many stunning places here!

  • Towns - Which is the best town on Lake Garda to stay at?

    Leisure - Had a really fun day out?

  • Family day out - Which is best?

    Sport - Which sport gives you the big rush?

  • Extreme sport - What is the most adrenalin filled Lake Garda sport?

    Food & Drink - Our favourite subject! What about you?

  • Lake Garda food - Which is the best dish?
  • Restaurant - What is your favourite restaurant at Lake Garda?
  • Ice Cream - Which is the yummiest ice cream?
  • Wine - Share with us your best Lake Garda wine experience!

    Shops - We know you love to shop!!

  • Best shop - Where is the best place to shop at Lake Garda?
  • Shoe shop - There are so many shoe shops. Which do you like best?
  • Clothes shop - Which is the most amazing clothes shop?

    Entertainment - Had a great night out?

  • Entertainment - What is the best entertainment at Lake Garda?

    History - So much amazing history here!

  • Historical fact - Which is the most fascinating Lake Garda fact?

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    "Hi. Just a quick word of thanks for the site, which was a marvellous resource in planning my trip to Malcesine. The ferry timetables were useful for planning trips around the Lake (I went to Riva and Limone) and the breadth of information available is fantastic. Thank you."

    P.D. from the U.K.