How do I get from Lake Garda to Venice?

by Christine

Q. I am staying at Bardolino but want to go for a day trip to Venice. What is the best way to get to Venice from here and how long does it take?

A. The easiest way is to take the bus, boat or taxi (or drive if you have a car) to Peschiera. Then go to the train station (to the east side of the town centre) and take the train eastwards to Venice. Peschiera is on the main line to Venice and it should take only around an hour or so on the train. Trains run regularly and are quite cheap. The train travel time and cost may vary a bit depending on the type of train you get. The train station at Mestre, on the edge of Venice, is right by the grand canal, where you can hop on a boat taxi. From here you can stop at the Rialto bridge, St. Marks square or many other destinations in Venice.

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