"To build a website can be hard enough, but can you build one that really succeeds?"

Us as Lake Garda of course!

Hi, we are Marcus & Sylvia, a husband and wife team! We live in the UK but love Lake Garda in Italy, as you can see from the picture and our website. We started off trying to build a website that purely made money, but ending up following our passions with SBI. By doing something we truly love, we not only really enjoy what we do, but also have created ourselves an income too!

This is our story of how we came to build a website that works with SBI

Needed extra income

My wife and I had long been looking for a way to earn more money. Our problem was we didn't want to have a better income at the expense of quality time with our family. In today's increasingly frantic business world, everyone you speak to works really long hours and some people go days on end without spending any time with their kids. We decided that no matter what the rewards we wanted to make sure that whatever we did must be flexible enough to fit around our lives and be under our own control.

Looking for online ideas

After some thought, but making no progress on what to do, an advertising letter from an internet marketer sparked my interest in doing something online. Having internet access and being able to work from home (when it suited us) sounded the ideal situation. We began to get more and more excited about the prospect and decided that we should pursue it further.

Too good to be true!

To join this particular scheme you had to subscribe to 12 monthly modules (at a cost of £360) which would take you through how to market things online. The problem was a month or two in, we found we were getting lots of information on various people who had made so much money but no real hard facts on how to do it. We began doing more and more research on this scheme, and found out that after the 12 months people were then offered even more modules (at higher costs), before they found out what they wanted to know. Then there were still more things to buy after this and some were offered at 4 figure sums! At this point we decided this wasn't for us and cancelled the scheme feeling disappointed and let down.

There must be some good online business out there???!!!

We continued to research online businesses though, because we believed in the potential that they offered. We started buying loads of books and DVDs, absorbing everything we could get our hands on about this type of business. We also continued to research online, but there is such a mass of things out there, it became confusing to know what really were good genuine opportunities and what were just 'get rich quick' schemes. Unfortunately the market is flooded with the latter, as we were to find out at our own expense.

Too many scams!

The problem is that so many of the offers out there are written by skilled copyrighters who specialise in getting people to sign up before their "amazing offer" ends once and for all! We became unfortunate victims of such a scheme and purchased another starter package with the assurance of backup and things we could market online. Again, this was something that tried to lured us in to more advanced and expensive packages, and we soon began to realise that we'd have to spend thousands of pounds to even get going properly! We were also left bewildered most of the time, wondering how things would work and what we were supposed to be doing. The other things that really put us off were the terrible support and the fact that the truth seemed to be stretched a lot in these various offers. We certainly didn't want to be associated with something that wasn't completely truthful and honest, and something that tried to rip us off!


At this point we had spent all our spare time over the last 3 or 4 months looking at online opportunities, not to mention around £1000 on various schemes, and still had very little to show for it! Sure, we had learned a bit, but mostly we had definitely learned what NOT to do! There was no way we were going to try any of these fantastic fortune making schemes ever again. There are so many people making money online just by telling other people how to make money online. I don't like this and was determined never to go down this route.

Finally...we found SBI!

Soon after all this I was doing some more research online and came across SBI (Site Build It). I immediately became intrigued and watched the 30 minute video, fascinated by the SBI concept. What really appealed to me was the fact that SBI gives you everything you need to create your very own successful website at your own pace, including an easy to follow step-by-step guide and tons of support. This was definitely not another 'get rich quick scheme'; in fact there was a refreshing lack of reference to huge incomes and becoming a multi-millionaire!! This really looked like a real business for real people.

So...we started to learn about a real online business

We got a copy of " The Affiliate Masters Course " and both of us read every page carefully and with great interest. Once the whole 'CPTM' process was described, it made a lot of sense and we began to think that finally we had come across the right system to achieve our goals. However, still being a bit sceptical after having our fingers burned before, we researched case studies and all over the internet to get feedback on SBI users. Overwhelmingly, the opinions on SBI were very positive with many, many satisfied users.

Follow your passion and enjoy life

The other thing we really liked is that SBI tells you to go with your passions in life which I know, from having my own businesses before, how important this is. If you work on something you love and are passionate about, it is so much easier and more fun! Not only this, but it feels less like work and therefore you become much happier in what you are doing.

At last...a realistic system that we could understand!

After being very impressed with what we found, knowing that we had at last found a system that would guide us through and hold our hand through the whole process (we are no computer whizz kids), we decided that SBI was the way forward. The fact that the only cost is $300 per year, as well as a 'no questions asked money back guarantee' just made the decision to go with SBI even easier. So we finally started our exciting adventure into the world of website creation!

First website already suceeding

We are really happy to report that, after just a few months, we have now finished our first website! It has gone so well that we are already planning to start our next one very soon! The great thing about SBI is you just have to follow the instructions, step by step, and you really will build a website that succeeds! Our website is now getting serious traffic from Google and the other search engines and we are constantly moving up the rankings onto the top pages. It's nice to know that we have created a successful online business that give us all the flexibility we need. SBI really has put the smiles back on our faces.

SBI helps you every step of the way

What we really like about SBI are the tools they have to help you along the way. Both being quite visual people, we found the video guides so much easier to learn from than the written guides. You can literally follow exactly what to do on screen, pause the video, and then simply go and do it yourself. This really makes website creation easy...and if you ever get stuck, the wealth of forums are there to help you out.

Advantages of good online business

There are great advantages to having an online business. For a start, it is portable; you can work anywhere you like as long as there is an internet connection. Also, you are your own boss and work when you want to, so it's very flexible. This is great for parents who want to work but normally couldn't because of looking after their children.

No more guesswork...anyone can do it

The other things I really like are being able to track everything online by looking at the stats SBI records for you. No more guess work, like you get with convential businesses. SBI even helps you to research and choose viable subjects for your website in the first place! And don't worry if you can't think of anything to do a website on right now, everyone has some knowledge that other people would find useful. It is just a question of what angle to take and how best to portray your unique message.

Income keeps on growing even when you don't work!

Another great thing is that, unlike a normal job or business, the successful website you create keeps on earning you money once you have finished it! You don't have to keep slaving away on it to earn more money, it's just a matter of doing a minimal amount of maintenance (a couple of hours a week); a little optimising here and there makes sure that your website just keeps on growing and getting bigger and better all the time!

Work is now fun, not a chore

For us doing a website on Lake Garda has been fun and enjoyable. It reminds us of all the great times we have enjoyed there and building this website has not felt at all like the drudgery of a normal job. Creating a website with SBI also carries very little risk with virtually no investment and no additional hidden costs that many other systems catch you out on.

No need to be a computer whizz kid

We have not got any previous experience of building a website, so I am sure you can do one too! Some people who have done a fantastic SBI site have never even used a computer before! The great thing is that SBI does all the "techie" stuff for you, leaving you to concentrate on the content of your site.

So much to gain, so little to lose!

Don't think that everything is going to be really easy though, you have to get your brain in gear and put in the initial time and effort to make it happen. If you follow the tutorials though, then you too really can build a website that gets you loads of traffic and ultimately earns you an income. If you think this could be something that really interest you, then what have you got to lose?

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"Hi. Just a quick word of thanks for the site, which was a marvellous resource in planning my trip to Malcesine. The ferry timetables were useful for planning trips around the Lake (I went to Riva and Limone) and the breadth of information available is fantastic. Thank you."

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