"So, Which Lake Garda Places to Visit would You Like To Know more about?"

Find out where all the best Lake Garda places to visit are by using our Lake Garda map below. There are so many great places to visit on Lake Garda and it has so much to offer you no matter what your interests. We've been to them all and you can find out more about each place here. The lake is surrounded by so many wonderful towns, it really is difficult to choose a favourite!

There are many lovely flowers and plants all round the lake.

So...Ready for Lake Garda Places to Visit to be revealed?

Map of Lake Garda

Places to visit

Riva del Garda
Torri del Benaco
& Maderno

If you would like to see more detailed maps showing Lake Garda satellite or road maps, please just click on the link. These maps are customizable and you can scroll around and zoom in or out, to make your own ideal map.

Other places of note near Lake Garda

The dramatic setting at Tignale

Tignale and Tremosine are areas incoporating several small villages in the dramatic mountain side between Gargnano and Limone. The mountains here are very steep and although these areas look pretty close to the lake on a map, in reality the roads twist and turn up the steep inclines and you can easily take 15 minutes or so from the lakeside. At around 400 to 500 metres high they offer a great view of the lake but if you want to be handy
for the water they might not
be the best places to stay.

The impossibly located castle perched behind buildings at the town centre of Arco!

Arco is worthy of a mention because rock climbing is so big here. The town is located around 5 kilometres north of Riva (at the top of the lake) and features fantastic rock climbing and training facilities. There are loads of massive rock faces which are favourite places to scale by experienced rock climbers. The town has a dramatic castle which sits on a vertical stack of rock behind the town. The town itself is a very pleasant place with lots of nice buildings, shops and restaurants.

Looking from San Felice area back to the rock of Manerba

San Felice town itself is located a bit away from the lake and is a smaller, less significant place. Never the less there are many properties spread around this area still classified as San Felice and is therefore worthy of a mention. From here you can get very nice views of both the rock of Manerba and Isola del Garda (Lake Garda's largest and prettiest island). You will find San Felice between Manerba and Salo.

Do you find the idea of looking through all the different pages on all the towns too hard work? Then discovering our quick and easy route to getting a flavour of all the main Lake Garda towns! Why not sit back, relax and watch our Lake Garda towns slideshow and then just look up the towns you like best.


There are many great beaches around the lake to relax on! Did you know that Lake Garda has in excess of 45 km of free beaches! Find out about all the best beaches and what to expect in general regarding the beaches there.

There are spectacular views from many beaches

Dolomite Mountains

The Dolomite mountains to the north of Lake Garda are stunning, with jagged and near vertical peak in some places. This is a great place to drive or hike round in the summer or ski in the winter.

We skied at the great San Martino di Castrozza resort

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