"So, What About Travelling and Getting Around Lake Garda? What is the Best Way For You?"

Before making up your mind on what is the best way of getting around Lake Garda, there are many things to consider.

But, hang on...how are you going to get there in the first place? We'll go over each way you can get there and get around, including flying, driving, taking trains, ferries, buses, and taxis. We've driven across Europe, flown to different airports, travelled by train and taken all the boat trips on the lake, so why not learn from real practical experiences and make your trip to Lake Garda even more enjoyable!

Paddle steamer at Limone

So...Are you ready for Lake Garda Travel advice to be revealed?

Flying there

There are 6 or 7 airports you can use when flying to Lake Garda. Two are around 30 minutes to the Lake, one around an hour away and the others in the region of 90 to 120 minutes away. We discuss the pros and cons of the various airports you can fly to and answer that all important question........which are the cheapest!!!! Also find out how much it will cost to park your car at the airport, when you leave. Finally once you arrive in Italy, why not enjoy a little luxury and treat yourself to a airport transfer?

Driving by car

Driving to Lake Garda from mainland Europe offers so many great experiences to be enjoyed enroute. Whether you come through France, Switzerland, Germany or Austria, inspiring mountain passes with spectacular views await to greet you and set the tone for your visit to the Lake. Once there, your own car offers you great freedom, but find out why driving around the lake is not always the best option!

For the many people who take a trip to Lake Garda by air, car rental will be a good option. Discover all the things to look out for and how to check you are getting the best deals, when you rent a car.

The Italians love their cars!

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Many bikers also enjoy the trip down to Lake Garda and it's not hard to see why. We once took the route through the Dolomiti national park, heading south towards the famous skiing resort of Cortina, then cutting through the heart of the majestic Dolomites. I have to say it was the best driving on a public road I have ever experienced. The roads were deserted and the little traffic we mainly met were bikers who appeared to be having a whale of a time! Getting around Lake Garda by motorbike can also be a lot of fun!


Train travel can be a very enjoyable and relaxing way to getting around and there are good links to the bottom part of the lake. Due to the mountains the main lines run East / West, which means such places as Milan, Verona and Venice are all within easy reach without a car. You can also find another major reason why getting to and from Lake Garda by rail can be a really good option.


This is another way to get to and from the airport and also around getting around Lake Garda itself. However for getting around the lake the boats are always worth looking at and will be probably be quicker to get from one side to the other. Coach tours to Lake Garda are very popular and this is another enjoyable way to discover this magical part of Italy. More information on coach tours, buses and transfers.


This really is the best way of getting around Lake Garda. The bonus is that you can soak up sun whilst gazing at the amazing scenery drifting by. There are many different types of boat and each offer different experiences... From slow romantic cruises to fast, shore hopping services...Read the more about getting around Lake Garda by ferry or boat to find out which services can cost several times more than the others. You have been warned!! Also find out more information on ferries, (especially for all you Brits), if you are driving to Lake Garda and need to take a cross channel ferry.

Hydrofoil skimming over the blue waters of the lake


Taxis are normally available in the centre of major towns and cities. You will also find them at railway stations and major transport intersections. There don't seem to be as many taxis in Italy as in some other countries so don't always expect there to be one waiting for you when getting around Lake Garda. Discover top tips to make sure that you get a good price for the taxis around the lake.


Lake Garda is located within easy reach of other major tourist attractions, which means day trips to these exciting places are possible. Verona, Venice and Milan are some of the main attractions but there are many other places too! You could go to places such as Modena to see the factories and museums of exotica like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Pagini or Ducati. We suggest other well loved excursions too!

Disabled access

If you are disabled and maybe in a wheelchair, then Lake Garda is still a great destination. However, a little knowledge and forward planning will make your life much easier. For instance, many historic places with ancient town access are not always easy. You can overcome this by choosing the right places to visit (avoiding steep slopes and loads of steps), yet still enjoy seeing and getting around Lake Garda.

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"Hi. Just a quick word of thanks for the site, which was a marvellous resource in planning my trip to Malcesine. The ferry timetables were useful for planning trips around the Lake (I went to Riva and Limone) and the breadth of information available is fantastic. Thank you."

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