How to get to Malcesine, Limone and Riva from Peschiera

by Colin Stapley

Q. We will be arriving in Peschiera del garda in June, and we would like to visit Malcesine, Limone and Riva by ferry. Can you please us more information of which ferry we need to take to get to those places? As I seen the navigazione laghi website, but I found it a bit confusing.


A. It is difficult to give specifics here, because there are so many options and times you can travel at. In June there will be full services running so I wouldn't worry to much. If you find the wesbite for the ferries confusing, I would just wander down to the port area when you arrive a get a current timetable. This will give you all the options, times and prices which are available then.

Peschiera is a long way to the 3 towns in the north which you mention. If you are thinking of using the regular ferries to get up there, it will take a long time!! They stop at most of the towns and while I love relaxing on the ferries, if you plan to return back the same night, you will get a limited amount of time to explore the towns in question. The faster hydrofoil type of services will be much quicker, but also costs a lot more.

You may wish to consider taking a bus from Peschiera to Malcesine. From here you can see this town and also take a much shorter ferry ride to Riva and Limone. If you are looking for the cheapest and fastest way to get to towns in the north, then this is probably best way to do it.

Have a great time at Lake Garda,

Marcus & Sylvia

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