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by Tia


Q. Can you tell me where to fly to for a holiday in Garda and is it easy then to get from the aiport to the Hotels?

A. The nearest airport to Lake Garda is the Verona airport, which is only 10 miles or so from the south east corner of lake Garda. From here you can get a shuttle bus into the city and you could catch a train to Peshciera or Desenzano on Lake Garda. Alternatively hire a car, or getting a taxi to the south of the lake wouldn't be too bad from here (as the distance is low).

The next nearest airport is Brescia, which is on the other side, around 20 miles from the south west corner of lake Garda.

After this Milan Bergamo is the next nearest and is an hour or so drive to Desezano. Bergamo also tends to offer more budget flight options for Lake Garda flights (from the UK), than the other two airport previously mentioned.

After this the other Milan and Venice airports are quite a way out and you are probably looking nearer to a couple of hours to drive from these locations. However you could work in an excursion to the cities, if you wanted.

All airports usually offer a free shuttle bus into the location towns, where you can catch a train. This is normally the cheapest route. Hiring a car may also be a good option if you wish to travel around a bit and this will probably be quicker overall than the shuttle bus and train. It also saves you lugging around your cases and you don't have to worry about getting from the train stations at Lake Garda to your hotel.

Buses do operate around Lake Garda area, but trying to figure them out if you have a tired family and don't speak Italian can be tricky! My advice is, if you have plenty of time and don't mind a bit of an adventure, then take the public transport. If you want quick and easy and a car for driving on holiday, then hire one at the airport. Or if you are feeling like being pampered you could get a luxury airport transfer!

You will find out more details (including maps) on Lake Garda flights on this page on our website:

Bon Voyage and have a great holiday in Lake Garda!!

Marcus & Sylvia

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