Lake Garda new year daylight and weather

by O'Malley

Q. Can you please give us an indication of the length of day and the usual weather for Lake Garda at New Year?

A. The length of daylight at New Year is around 9 hours or so, (a little more than the UK & Ireland). The usual weather at new year is a more tricky one to answer! This time of year the temperatures will obviously be quite low with the average daily temperature of 6-8 degrees centrigrade. Within that average however you may see days around freezing or other days well above 10C. There is still around 3-4 hours of sunshine on average, so this helps and while it can rain, it is not usually the wettest time of year.

The colder conditions do give one major advantage and that is much clearer air conditions, can give spectacular views of the mountains! In the summer heat haze is quite common and this can often block out the mountains as the day heats up. In the winter on a clear day, the snow capped mountains are revealed in all their glory and make a stunning backdrop. Skiing is even possible on Monte Baldo over winter!

So in summary the Lake Garda weather at New Year can be varied, so as a precaution I would take warm clothes with you. It is still a fantastic place to be at this time of year and the views can be amazing too!

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