San Felice

by Emma

we are looking at booking our family hoilday for next year and i have fallen in love with Lake Garda, found a great site, 'camping weekend' at San Felice that meets our young family needs...however...i have a few questions about the location? is this too far out for day trips to theme parks and Venice?

Anyone been to San Felice would LOVE feedback before I decide to book, have heard the west of the lake doesnt get as much sunshine but is obv still beautiful but will be looking at day trips with our 5yr old, 3 old and a toddler! please any feedback will be greatly recieved.

Emma x

Hi Emma,

San Felice is a nice area and although not a major town it is still in a great location and you are within easy reach of Salo. Here you are getting to the point where the mountains are starting get big just to the north and you can get nice views of the lake and Isola del Garda (the island near to the lakeside here).

In terms of getting to Venice or to the theme parks it is not too difficult. To go to Venice I would suggest getting to Desenzano and then get the train in, as this is fast and pretty cheap, plus no parking to worry about the other end. To get to the theme parks, you could go by car, bus or take a ferry ride across the lake.

The west side still gets pretty of sun, especially when you are not right up in the mountains, where the sun sets a little earlier. Personally I wouldn't worry about this aspect, we have stayed near here and it was great. Plenty of nice places to explore close to San Felice and also you can get the ferry from here too. I am sure you would have a great time.

Hope you enjoy your trip,

Marcus & Sylvia

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