Torri Del Benaco

by Becky Hutley

Hi there

This is a great website by the way and is certainly exciting me for my trip to Lake Garda in Septemeber. I was wondering what your opinion is of Torri Del benaco, as I don't seem to see much about it on here, but it is where my boyfriend and I will be staying. I would like to travel to the hotspots by boat, and was wondering if you knew where I could find information on hiring a speed boat, or any other kind of boat for a day or 2. Would you know how easy it would be to get from Torri to other areas of the lake, and any recommendations for what to do, or restaurants/ bars to visit while there. Many thanks.

Becky from "sunny" Newcastle

Hi Becky,

Torri del Benaco is a great town and we have stayed around here in the past. The lakeside and port area are very pleasant and great for lazy evenings by the water! There is also lots of ferries you can hop on to get all around Lake Garda. Being quite centrally located getting around from here should not be a problem.

In terms of hiring a boat, I don't know of any specific companies who operate there, but as with most businesses here they are small family operations and don't tend to easily found beforehand. Just take a wander when you arrive along the lakeside and you will probably comes across some right at Torri. If not I know for sure that Garda (which is just down the road) definitely does!

Torri has plenty of history, nice shops and restaurants. I am sure you will have a great time.

Have a wonderful trip,

Marcus & Sylvia

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