Where do I get a train from venice to lake Garda?

by Maria Adams

Q. Where do I get a train from Venice to lake Garda? I want to spend 2 days in Venice in June then travel to Lake Garda (Malcesine) on the 3rd day. Also can I fly to Venice from London and return to London from Verona.

A. The mainline railway going east to west across the top of north Italy runs from Venice to Milan and beyond. On the way across it goes through both Peschiera (south east corner of the lake - you will use this option for Malcesine) and Desenzano (south west corner of the lake). The train station near Venice which is located on the mainland is called Mestre. However if you want to get right to Venice itself the "Santa Lucia" train station backs right onto the grand canal! It is extremly easy to get regular boat rides into and out of the centre of Venice along the canal, to and from the Santa Lucia train station.

Trains leave regularly from here, you just need to check that they stop at the station you require a Lake Garda. The faster Eurostar style trains stop at less stations, so you may need to use the slower but cheaper local trains. In anycase you are only looking at 60-90 minutes, even on a slower train.

Train is probably the best way to visit Venice as car parking is very expensive here! It is also relaxing and much cheaper than trains in the UK. I thoroughly recommend using the trains to travel to and from Venice.

Have a fantastic holiday.

All the best,

Marcus & Sylvia

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