Where is the best stay in Lake Garda on honeymoon?

by Martha

Q. We're planning to go to Lake Garda on our honeymoon. We love eating in nice restaurants and would like to stay somewhere with lots of choice but not too over busy. Any ideas as to which town would suit us best?


A. Wow Martha, Lake Garda for a honeymoon would be great! There are so many fantastic towns to choose from, and loads of great places to eat by the lake. In terms of finding somewhere not too busy, it really depends on what time of the year you are going. If it is not July or August, then the right part of the most popular towns could still be quiet enough. I would however avoid the centre of the larger towns in peak summer season if you want to avoid the crowds.

A good option, if you are going in the middle of summer, might be to find somewhere smaller or look for places on the edge of towns. Another good possibility can be finding places set up in the hills a bit, that have beautiful views and secluded surrounding. These spots tend to be found more in the north and the more dramatic mountains here, lend themselves to such a location.

Depending on your budget there are some great villas or hotels on Lake Garda, that have beautiful private grounds, tucked away from passers by. Some of these are actually quite close to the centre of towns, where you could walk in for restaurants in the evenings.

It is difficult to say which town would best for you and it just depends what you are trying to achieve. Take a look at our town guide and see if this helps you. Take your time and research your hotel well and I am sure you will have an amazing honeymoon in Lake Garda.

All the best,

Marcus & Sylvia

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