Hotels with pools

Q. We have booked a week in July in a 4 star boutique hotel, which looks great. But it doesn't have a pool. It isn't right on the lake either. Is this a mistake?

A. This is a tricky one to answer as it depends on your priorities for your Lake Garda holiday. If you really want to be by a pool or the lake for a lot of time, then this could be an issue. If however you would have other things you want to spend your time on first, but would like the option to be by water on occassions, then it is probably OK. It really depends how far you are from the lake itself.

In July the lake water should be a decent temperature, so if you can get there reasonably easily that should be fine. I remember staying in a villa high up in the hills above the town of Garda, but the mile or so walk to the beach was a pleasure, as it was picturesque and inspiring.

Hope that helps and have a great trip,

Marcus & Sylvia

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