Travelling from milan bergamo airport to lake garda

(Submission from England)

Q. Ciao

I am flying into Milan Bergamo on Saturday 25th June at 17.35pm and will be travelling onto Lake Garda. I am struggling to find the simplest way to travel, as I am reluctant to rent a car. Is there a direct shuttle bus from the airport, (not private as I have already seen the extortionist prices), or is there a train from the airport to lake Garda?

Thank you for any replies

A. There is a free shuttle bus (or it was last time I used it) right from the airport terminal into Bergamo town centre. The train station is right where the bus stops. The trains are pretty frequent and also cheap too. You may have to change once, depending on when and where you are going, but it is normally easy and relatively quick.

For the west side of Lake Garda you would get off at Desenzano station and for the east side go to the next stop at Peschiera. From these towns you can either get local buses, taxis or even the wander to the port and take a boat up the lake if it is day time.

We have taken the train from Bergamo airport on several occasions and would have no hesitation doing it again. It is definitely the cheapest way to travel and is usually pretty frequent and reliable.

Have a fantastic trip and happy travels.

All the best,

Marcus & Sylvia

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