"Want To Know some Helpful Italian Phrases? Don't go to Italy Without Them!"

It's very useful to know a few everyday survival Italian phrases, so we've put together a few "must-know's" so you can easily get by when you're in Italy!

Useful Italian Phrases

What's Italian for afternoon nap? Siesta of course!

General Phrases in Italian

  • Yes/No: Si/Non see/no
  • Please (asking for something): Per Favore pair favoray
  • Please (offering): Prego praygo
  • Thank you: Grazie gratzee-ay
  • Hello/Bye!: Ciao chow
  • Goodbye: Arrivederci ar-reevedairchee
  • Good Morning: Buon giorno bwon jorno
  • Good Evening/Night: Buona sera/notte Bwona saira/not-tay
  • How are you?: Come sta? komay sta

    Italian Phrases: Help, Problems, Directions

  • Do you speak English?: Parla Inglese? parla eenglayzay
  • I can't speak Italian: Non parlo Italiano non parlo eetal-yano
  • I don't understand: Non Capisco non kapeesko
  • How much is it?: Quanto costa? kwanto kosta
  • Could you help me? Puo aiutarmi? pwo i-ootarmee

    Where is...?: Dove si trova...? doveh see trova

  • the toilet: il bagno eel ban-yo
  • the station: la stazione la statz-yonay
  • the bank: la banca la banka
  • the nearest petrol station: la stazione di servizio piu vicina la statz-yonay dee sairveetz-yo p-yoo veecheena

    Possible responses:
  • Turn left: giri a sinistra
  • Turn right: giri a destra
  • Go straight on: Vada dritto
  • At the corner: All'angolo
  • Go past the...: Vada oltre
  • The crossroads: L'incrocio
  • The traffic light: Il semaforo
  • The signs for: le indicazione per

    Italian Phrases: Accommodation

  • I have a reservation: Ho prenotato una stanza oh praynotato oona stantza
  • Do you have a single/double room?: Ha una camera singola/doppia? ha oona kamaira seengola/doppee-a
  • What is the charge per night?: Quanto si paga per notte? kwanto see paga pair not-tay
  • I'd like a room for one night/three nights: Vorrei una stanza per una notte/tre notti vor-ray oona stantza pair oona not-tay/tray not-tee
  • Please wake me at 7 o'clock: Mi svegli, per favore, alle sette mee zvel-yee pair favoray al-lay set-tay
  • I'd like to rent an apartment/villa for...days: Vorrei affittare un appartamento/una villa per...giorni vor-ray af-feet-taray oon ap-partamento/oona veel-la pair...jornee

    Italian Phrases: Restaurants

  • A table for one/two/three, please: Un tavolo per una persona/per due/per tre, per favore oon tavolo pair oon paisona/ pair doo-ay/pair tray pair favoray
  • I'd like...: Vorrei... vor-ray
  • What would you recommend? Cosa ci consiglia? koza chee konseel-ya
  • Can I have the bill, please? Pi porta il conto, per favore? pee porta eel conto pair favoray
  • Can we pay seperately? Possiamo pagare separatamente? poos-yamo pagaray separatamentay

    Take a look at our Italian phrases menu translator for translating common items on the Italian menus into English!

    Italian Phrases: Numbers

    What's Italian for 3 grumpy old men??

    0 zero tzairo
    1 uno oono
    2 due doo-ay
    3 tre tray
    4 quattro kwat-tro
    5 cinque cheenkway
    6 sei say
    7 sette set-tay
    8 otto ot-to
    9 nove no-vay
    10 dieci dee-aychee
    11 undici oon-deechee
    12 dodici doh-deechee
    13 tredici
    14 quattordici
    15 quindici
    16 sedici
    17 diciassette
    18 diciotto
    19 diciannove
    20 venti ventee
    21 venuno vent-oono
    22 ventidue
    30 trenta
    40 quaranta
    50 cinquanta
    60 sessanta
    70 settanta
    80 ottanta
    90 novanta
    100 cento
    110 centodieci
    200 duecento
    300 trecento
    1,000 mille
    10,000 diecimila
    20,000 ventimila
    1,000,000 un milione

    Italian Phrases: Days of the Week

  • Sunday: Domenica domeneeka
  • Monday: Lunedi loonedee
  • Tuesday: Martedi martedee
  • Wednesday: Mercoledi mairkoledee
  • Thursday: Giovedi jovedee
  • Friday: Venerdi venairdee
  • Saturday: Sabato sabato

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